Market Analysis


The Crypto World 2020-2022

In 2021, investors across the globe accrued a total of $162.7 billion worth of crypto gains, a massive leap from the $32.5 billion generated in 2020. [2] Despite early 2022’s bearish market conditions, cryptocurrency market capitalization in the second quarter nevertheless equals $1.17 trillion. [3] Understandably, that figure is expected to climb in coming years as global markets—and interest rates—recover from the negative impact of COVID-19. Today in 2022, there are over 81 million wallet users, a 190% increase from 2018 to 2020. [4]

In its decade of existence so far, the cryptocurrency sector has already distinguished itself with some remarkable accomplishments in terms of turnover and technological evolution. This young market is full to overflowing with opportunities for new companies and fresh innovations.

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