Marketing Strategy


Website creation:

The first and most important part of our strategy is to create a website that has a good UX design. Website will give potential investors information about your coin/cryptocurrency through whitepapers. A well-designed website will leave a good impression on investors and may convince them to back our coin ahead of our competitors.

Social media:

For any strategy to be successful we must have an effective social media campaign. This is the only way we are going to create any traction towards our cryptocurrency especially since the crypto community is constantly discussing new coins and opportunities of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram.

We will post informative & engaging content to draw people towards our page including news and updates about the coin. By engaging our target audience, we will be able to create a thriving online community that will back our coin and spread the word.

Major event announcements:

We will make sure to publish major announcements, through press releases or calendars, including ICO dates. Investors utilize helpful tools such as crypto calendars, therefore, we will make sure that these major announcements are placed onto these calendars to send over a reminder to your audience.


This is crucial in any industry, more so than in the crypto industry. This form of face- to-face marketing will always be effective and attending summits.


Airdrops will always remain relevant within the crypto industry. Airdrops will create hype around your coin and the freer tokens you are willing to provide, the higher the chance your community will grow. We will use social media platform Telegram to facilitate the Airdrop and also create a community group chat where fans can discuss with each other.

Crypto community:

We will find relevant community websites, join them and build trust among the participants. We will let the community know its uses, benefits, history and other important details that could be classed as important for the community.

Social media Ads, including paid promotion:

Social media ads must be a main feature in our crypto marketing strategy. Use the filtering feature that Facebook and Instagram provide to target the right people who would be interested in your coin. Furthermore, we will make sure those ads that we are boosting are unique ads with creative banners, videos and content that will catch the eye of your audience.

Affiliate marketing:

Use affiliates to market your coin. Crypto affiliates will send traffic to your website/blog and all they will command is a commission fee. Before contacting affiliates, make sure to implement an affiliate campaign on your well-designed website. Affiliates will then get paid according to the number of signups they generate for your company. By using affiliates, they will be responsible for all the marketing efforts of your coin so it may be beneficial to use them if you need to focus on other departments for the coin.


Podcasts are a good way to boost your crypto marketing strategy. This will give you the chance to broadcast your new coin to a wider audience while also giving you the chance to educate the listeners on the project. Audio content is becoming increasingly popular and it could serve as an impactful way to create brand awareness around your project.

Email marketing:

Email marketing is a great way to directly market your project to your audience. High quality email campaigns can produce valuable results for your coin. During these campaigns make sure to announce product launches, offers and new/updated projects to specific people. If there is an issue to have a long email list then you can hire an email marketing service to kick-start your campaign.

Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing can be an incredible way to penetrate the crypto industry. By utilizing influencers then you could reach a wide audience through the millions of followers that these influencers have following them. However, do not just choose any influencer but make sure to take your time and be picky with whom you are choosing as if the wrong influencer is chosen then you will just be wasting your money. Give the influencer a brief on your project and see how they can scale your reach. Do NOT just pay any influencer to promote your project or all the trust you built with the community will be lost.

Maintain reputation:

Once your project is launched, do your utmost to maintain your reputation among your audience. You’ve built the trust you needed to succeed now manage and control your positive reputation by removing and mitigating any bad publicity. The crypto industry is a dog-eat-dog market, meaning that your competitors may come up with a plan to harm your reputation, especially during the early stages of your project. Maintaining your good reputation will help build a clear and positive brand image to the public.