Ambassador Program

Crypto aficionados are invited to sign up for the Ambassador Program if they support FINY Token mission of widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. Candidates will learn about the UFINY Ecosystem, its services, and how they operate in this section. This covers FINY Token goals, objectives, and future plans. An applicant will also be chosen to serve as a brand ambassador!

Brand Ambassador

UFINY is building an Ambassador Program. In this program, UFINY is your choice. A brand ambassador assigned to a specific country and acting as UFINY representative. Brand Ambassadors Must Understand That internal and external ecosystems. They host educational events, forums and seminars on the power of cryptocurrencies to guide people as they enter cryptocurrencies to educate about the value of UFINY products.

Blockchain World Academy

FINY is an official partner of the non-profit Blockchain World Academy or Organizations that provide training and education to interested persons Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. The purpose of this partnership is to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in anticipation of a world of digital assets widely accepted by shops and businesses and used worldwide general payment method.