FINY Token


Vision & Mission

FINY Token addresses the flaws by providing a token that will have global userbase and acceptance.

FINY objectives are to foster the widespread use of FINY Token around the world, to empower unbanked people to use FINY Token to build wealth for themselves and their families, to establish FINY Token as the number one cryptocurrency used in emerging economies, and to make FINY Token accessible and usable for everyday transactions.

After a few years of rapid development, Bitcoin can no longer meet the demand of its increasing number of clients. Bitcoin has high transaction fees, slow transaction confirmations, and high threshold for new miners. Furthermore, Bitcoin has still failed to adopt scaling solutions such as Lightning Network & SegWit - the software upgrade works by splitting the data associated with transactions so that not all of it is stored on the blockchain, with well over half of current Bitcoin transactions still using the older, less efficient protocol. As adoption for digital currency continues to outpace Bitcoin's ability to scale, there is a danger that Satoshi's digital cash will eventually fall behind other payment platforms.