Risk Profile

Understanding risk is an important theme for the Dash 2 Trade platform and that is one of the reasons why the risk profiler is a key part of our roadmap. Likewise, before deciding to purchase the D2T token a prospective holder should carefully weigh their own risk appetite. Purchasing D2T tokens has a degree of risk to it and it may lead to the loss of a considerable or the whole of the purchased amount. Before purchasing, prospective holders should carefully consider the risks identified in this whitepaper, as well as any other risks not anticipated or included in this document. The regulatory status of crypto assets may vary depending on your jurisdiction. It may be possible that future laws, regulation or policies relating to crypto assets may be implemented that affect token holders’ acquis ition, rights, and ability to buy, sell, convert or use crypto assets such as the D2T token. You should only purchase D2T tokens if you fully understand the tokenomics of the D2T token and the D2T ecosystem. Crypto assets are not regulated as financial instruments and there is no refund or compensation available from corresponding regulatory bodies. Crypto assets can be the subject of expropriation or theft. There may be no remedy if there is a successful attack by malicious actors against the Ethereum Chain on which the D2T token is built. Additionally, hackers may attempt to interfere with the D2T platform directly in a number of different ways such as malware attacks, distributed denial of service attacks and consensus-based exploits. These attacks could lead to a loss of D2T tokens or the loss of the ability to access D2T tokens. Readers should consider consulting professionals such as independent financial adviser, a tax consultant, accountant or a lawyer in order to fully satisfy themselves regarding any outstanding matter related to the purchase of the D2T token.

Risk Factors:

Risk of losing access to FINY Token tokens if private key is lost. A private key or private key combination is required to manage FINY Tokens token stored in a digital wallet. Lost your private key access to FINY Token tokens is automatically lost when using a digital wallet. Furthermore, if a third party has access to your private key or data and enters your details, it is also possible that the wallet will lose access to her FINY Token tokens. all technical issues in relation to the wallet where you store your FINY balance tokens, including your Incorrect wallet maintenance operations can also result in loss of FINY Token tokens. We strongly recommend that you take all available security measures Protect your wallet, private keys and FINY balance tokens. No FINY Token Tokens will be reissued in case of loss or theft.

Risk Statement:

Purchasing FINY Token tokens involves significant risk and may result in loss. Substantial or full amount of money involved. Before you buy FINY Tokens, the risks involved should be carefully evaluated and considered documented in other documents. Buyer should not buy her FINY Token Tokens for speculation or investment purposes. buyers only buy IF They FULLY UNDERSTAND THE NATURE OF UFINYCREDIT TOKEN, FINY TOKEN AND They accept the risks associated with FINY CREDIT tokens. Cryptographic tokens may be subject to confiscation and/or robbery; programmers or other malevolent bunches or organizations may endeavor to meddled with our system/network in different ways, including malware assaults, refusal of benefit assaults, consensus-based attacks, Sybil assaults, smurfing, and spoofing which may result within the misfortune of your cryptographic tokens or the misfortune of your capacity to get to or control your cryptographic tokens. In such occasion, there may be no cure, and holders of cryptographic tokens are not ensured any cure, discount, or emolument. The administrative status of cryptographic tokens and advanced resources is currently unsettled, shifts among wards and is subject to critical vulnerability. It is possible that within the future, certain laws, controls, approaches or rules relating to cryptographic tokens, computerized resources, blockchain innovation, or blockchain applications may be executed which may straightforwardly or in a roundabout way influence or restrict cryptographic token holders’ right to secure, claim, hold, offer, change over, exchange, or use cryptographic tokens. The instability in assess enactment relating to cryptographic tokens and advanced resources may uncover cryptographic token holders to tax consequences related with the utilize or exchanging of cryptographic token. Digital assets and related items and administrations carry noteworthy dangers.

Potential buyers ought to take under consideration all of the over and survey the nature of, and their possess craving for, significant dangers autonomously and counsel their counsels some time recently making any choices. Proficient counsel: you ought to counsel a legal counselor, bookkeeper, assess proficient and/or any other proficient advisors as essential earlier to deciding whether to buy FINY Token tokens.

Legal consideration

--Information purposes only.
--Non exhaustive usage
--No contractual relationship or obligation

This document contains the provision of professional advice of any kind. Also, FINY reserves the rights to modify or update the whitepaper and information contained herein at any point of time and without any notice. To the maximum extent permitted by any laws, regulations, rules. FINY does not guarantee and does not accept legal responsibility of any nature. FINY does not make any disclaims, any representation, warranty or undertaking in any form whatsoever to entity, person or authority including any representation, warranty or undertaking in relation to the truth, accuracy and completeness of any information.

FINY has used reasonable efforts to approach token sale in a very responsible manner. We have not violated any legal term which abides to the proper functioning of the company. Purchased tokens cannot be offered or distributed as well as cannot be resold or otherwise alienated by the holders to written names/persons.

Licenses and endorsements are not guaranteed in all jurisdictions:

UFINY Group Gather (“FINY Token”) extraordinary to function in full compliance with applicable laws and directions and utilize its best tries to get the vital licenses and endorsements. Administrative licenses and/or endorsements are likely to be required in a number of pertinent purviews in which important exercises may take put. This means that the advancement and roll-out of all the activities portrayed in this whitepaper are not ensured. It isn't conceivable to ensure, and no person makes any representations, guarantees or affirmations, that any such licenses or approvals will be gotten inside a specific time period or at all. As such, the initiatives depicted in this whitepaper may not be accessible in certain jurisdictions, or at all. This might require rebuilding of these activities and/or its unavailability in all or certain regards. In expansion, the advancement of any activities is intended to be actualized in stages. Amid certain stages of advancement, the project may depend on connections with certain authorized third-party substances. If these substances are now not appropriately authorized within the pertinent purview, this will impact the capacity of UFINY to rely on the administrations of that party. This record may be a vision record and ought to not be considered a specification. It is not limited time fabric, reflecting the truth of issuance of securities and calling for venture within the sense in which it gets it the law on securities. FINY Token token does not deliver its holders proprietorship of a portion of any fragment of the open or private advertise. The most reason of the FINY Token token's presence is its utilize in the UFINY biological system. The sole reason of this report is to show the UFINY venture to potential holders of tokens in such a way that they can make reasonable and educated choices with respect to the buy of FINY Token tokens. This report depicts in detail the administration of the UFINY extend, its importance to society based no offer of securities UFINY, DIGIUFINY APP LTD and "FINY Token" (It is not intended to constitute a security, jurisdiction. All statements, projects Technical and other declarative information contained in this document is not considered a guarantee or promise to FINY Token holders token Such data should not be interpreted as financial projections.

Nevertheless, the organizer believes that forward-looking statements are reasonable and UFINY cannot guarantee the legitimacy of token purchasers. Such forward- looking statements and the company`s intended results activities specified therein.

Not a Sale of Security:

This white paper does not constitute a prospectus or an offer of financial services material and does not constitute an offer to sell or an offer to buy securities, investment products, regulated products or financial instruments in any jurisdiction. FINY Token Tokens are not structured or sold as securities on www.ufiny.com. FINY Token holders have no rights in UFINY.com or any its affiliates, including any capital, shares, shares, capital royalties, profits, profits or income from “ ufinycoin.com” or any other related company or intellectual property with “ufinycoin.com”.


The layout included in this white paper are for illustration purposes only. In particular, graphics containing pricing information are not converted to actual prices of information.

No Representation:

DIGIUFINY APP LTD intends to conduct its business in full compliance with applicable laws, make every effort to comply with regulations and obtain licenses; Ratify. Permits and/or regulatory approvals may be required. The number of jurisdictions in which the relevant activity may take place. This means the development and implementation of all initiatives described herein White papers are not guaranteed. i can't guarantee license or Is it approved within a certain period of time, or is it not approved at all? When Initiatives described in this white paper may not be available in certain jurisdictions or not. This may require restructuring and/or restructuring of these initiatives. Not available at all points or specific aspects. In addition, all development, the initiative will be implemented in stages. during a specific period for development, the project may rely on a number of authorized third-party relationships real thing. If these institutions are no longer permitted by law affects the ability of projects that depend on the services of party. No representations or warranties were made with respect to this receiver white papers or their advisors regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information; statements, opinions or matters (whether express or implied) arising out of or contained in derivatives from this White Paper or abbreviations of this or any other document, any written or oral information or opinions provided now or in the future; Stakeholders or their advice. The FINY token is white as expected paper, under development, constantly updating, inclusive but not inclusive Limited to main technical and administrative functions. Case and case FINY Tokens are padded and may differ significantly from what is described in this blank page. performance or Future plans, forecasts, sound prospects, and neither Documents are or should be considered promises or guarantees future. Liability for loss or damage maximally excluded Regardless of its nature (predictable or not, and yesorno).“www.ufinycoin.com” has been advised of the possibility of such loss or (damage) can arise from the fact that everyone acts on information and opinions Included in this whitepaper or other available information in connection with any other investigation, notwithstanding any negligence. This white paper contains data and references obtained from third party sources. There is no guarantee of accuracy, reliability or completeness of the data. Translations of this White Paper and material is published in English. There is no guarantee of accuracy and Full of all translations. This white paper has not been reviewed by any regulatory body reference documents. References in this white paper for companies, networks and/or Potential use cases are indicative only. All references to unless otherwise stated, USD or "$" refers to US dollars.

All of references to "euro", EUR or "€" are references to the euro, unless otherwise stated.

No Advice:

This whitepaper does not constitute any investment counsel, financial advice, trading counsel or suggestion by UFINY .com, its partners, or its respective officers, executives, supervisors, representatives, specialists, advisors or specialists on the merits of acquiring FINY Token tokens nor ought to it be depended upon in connection with any other contract or obtaining decision.


This white paper and related materials were initially distributed in English. Any Translations are for reference as it were and are not embraced by any individual. on the off chance that there is Discrepancies between interpretation and English version White paper, English adaptation takes priority. Unless something else expressed, all referencesare“$”and“dollars”inthiswhitepaperalludetoUSdollars.Allrefer ences to "€" and "euro" in this white paper apply unless something else specified. to euro in Europe. this white paper

Caution over Forward-Looking Statements:

The comments in the whitepaper that are forward-looking with respect to the business we operate are based on assumptions we have made and on information currently available to us. By their very nature, forward-looking statements involve considerable risks and uncertainties. In addition to being subject to risks, uncertainties, and other variables outside of our control and forecast, forward-looking statements may contain estimates and assumptions. Because of this, actual results or events may substantially differ from those projected in the forward-looking statements. We disclaim any obligation to update any forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date on which such statement is made or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events. Any forward-looking statement speaks only as of the date on which such statement is made.


Utilize Risk Since FINY Token tokens and the whole UFINY environment are based on the Binance Savvy Chain convention, any conceivable disappointment of the BNB convention can adversely influence the biological system of UFINY and FINY Token tokens, which are in circulation inside this framework. The improvement of cryptography and technological advances in blockchain innovation in common can moreover posture a potential danger to FINY Token tokens and the UFINY environment, counting token usefulness and value. Hazard of mining assaults FINY Token tokens is at chance of digger assaults during the confirmation of token exchanges within the BNB blockchain, counting the hazard of double-spending assaults, MMP assaults, and self-mining mining assaults. Any effective attack of this sort puts the complete UFINY ecosystem at hazard. Chance of crack and Security Convention Defenselessness Programmers and other organized crime groups may attempt to hack the UFINY ecosystem and allot FINY Token tokens to themselves in different ways. The hazard related with unusual activities of regulators and law requirement organizations Due to the defect of the legal framework, the lawful status of FINY Token tokens and blockchain innovations is not clear in a few wards. It is impossible to determine how manipulation-related law enforcement will behave.

The legal field ought to be concerned with how the UFINY ecosystem and the FINY balance token are handled such a shift in authority unable to anticipate potential changes various parliamentary bodies have passed laws addressing blockchain- related regulations. Potential Risks for Holders of FINY Token Tokens Relating to the Possibility of Such Changes. Updated requirements from certain jurisdictions to UFINY group, for example, requires mandated KYC/AML procedure completion, which was not previously required.

Tax collection Hazard The charge component of the procurement of FINY Token tokens isn't clearly characterized. Your buy of FINY Token tokens can lead to adverse charge results, counting pay charge or other sorts of assess. Risk associated with the improvement and support of the UFINY ecosystem which is beneath improvement and may be subject to significant changes and adjustments in terms of specialized operation up to the total completion of the improvement of the stage.