Features and Strategy


UFINY Licensed Ecosystem

UFINY Licensed Ecosystem:

The categories or services offered through the UFINY ecosystem:

Our strategy is to leverage payment solutions as the primary tool for driving adoption and user acquisition while simultaneously building trading and financial service solutions as major revenue sources. This self-sustaining strategy creates a virtuous cycle: payment channels attract users to the platform; trading and financial services generate revenue able to be reinvested into payment; reinvested revenue is used to build the ecosystem to offer full-suite crypto services. Our product solutions across four verticals work together to construct a sustainable project.

A key component of the ecosystem is its native token FINY, built for multiple real-life use cases. Diversified purchase utility creates confidence in token usability to counter the well-known volatility of crypto assets solely as an investment. A transparent roadmap and agreements with partners give value to the token, as well as a technological growth strategy that supports it in its growth.