Finy Token


Legal and Compliance

FINY proceeds in compliance with diligent international standards for conducting the operations through its Know Your Customer (KYC), and Digital Asset/Fiat Transaction Monitoring procedures and Anti Money laundering (AML) Framework.

Appropriately, the operations of FINY take put in a total, comprehensive, and entirely straightforward way, with regard for the educate directing payment streams and with strict consideration paid to the security of clients and their funds.

The service providers FINY relies on are in possession of the proper operating licenses, as are the third-party providers and partners issuing the products. We believe that transparency, security, and compliance comprise the foundation necessary to ultimately achieve mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. In the ecosystem, stringent AML and CFT measures are ensured with regard to user onboarding and transaction processing and in our continuing association with financial intelligence authorities. We integrate multiple specialized service providers with expertise in helping firms achieve these objectives during their day-to-day transactional course of business.

Measures include:

  • KYC diligence and CDD initiatives
  • External wallet screening (before and after deposits & withdrawals)
  • Pre-transaction and real-time transaction screening
  • PEP and sanctions watch list response action.

These supervisions are performed by technology and an added tier of due diligence by in-house monitoring specialists.